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The Nature Sounds Collections of Nature Sound Spa

Our Nature Sounds Collections

Nature Sound Spa’s collections of nature sounds were created to release the natural sounds of nature into your home or office. From the sounds of the ocean to rain sounds and other natural white noises, our collections have the most soothing nature sounds. These wonderfully refreshing nature sounds are inspired by nature to sound fresh and welcoming, as nature intended. Each one of our collections focuses on a specific theme and all the sounds belonging to that collection follow the theme.

The Essentials Collection


Treat your body and mind to the best nature sounds available with the Essentials Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Essentials Collection combines our best-selling and most popular nature sounds. This collection combines elements from the Creativity Collection, the Harmony Collection, the Reflection Collection and the Sleep Collection. The nature sounds in this collection are our highest-rated sounds and are considered by many of our customers to be the best nature sounds on the Internet.
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The Creativity Collection


Relieve stress and fosters creativity with the Creativity Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Creativity Collection is uplifting and helps the mind to focus. The nature sounds in this collection refreshes the mind and combats mental fatigue. These nature sounds help unlock creativity and stimulate positive energy. This energizing collection is both uplifting and mood enhancing.
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The Harmony Collection


Relax and meditate with the Harmony Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Harmony Collection calms your mind by bringing balance and harmony to your spirit. Many of the nature sounds in this collection are uplifting and energizing to enhance your mood. Every sound in Nature Sound Spa’s harmony collection is meant to transport the listener to an area of calmness. These meditative sounds help deepen meditation and promote connection with nature. This sensuous collection is also known to stimulate sexual energy.
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The Reflection Collection


Relax and unwind with the Reflection Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Reflection Collection contains various nature sounds that have a soothing effect on body and mind by clearing your mind so you can relax. This popular collection features many sounds that awaken your sense of memory and help keep you focused. This collection is an excellent way to bring forth your sense of memory in a sensuous and relaxing way.
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The Sleep Collection


Relax and fall asleep with the Sleep Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Sleep Collection is a collection of nature sounds to induce sleep or help you stay asleep longer. This collection calms your mind so you can sleep better and wake more refreshed. The nature sounds of this collection soothe and calm both mind and body so you can sleep better. Many of the sounds in this collection help to calm feelings of stress that can keep you from falling asleep.
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The Free Collection

Our Free Nature Sounds Collection

Discover nature sounds with the Free Collection. Nature Sound Spa’s Free Collection is a collection of free nature sounds to introduce listeners to the wonderful world of nature sounds. Every nature sound belonging to this collection can be downloaded for free. This collection combines elements from the Creativity Collection, the Harmony Collection, the Reflection Collection and the Sleep Collection. This collection is a great way to discover the wonderful world of nature.
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