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Natural White Noise with Nature Sounds

Nature sounds, or “natural white noise” are one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate. So what exactly is white noise? Well let’s start out with a couple examples of white noise. Some examples of white noise include the hum of a fan, the static that you hear between radio stations, constant running water and even the oaring sounds of a vacuum cleaner. Examples of natural white noise include the sounds of a rushing river or the gentle hiss of ocean waves.

White noise is any sound that is made up of many diverse sound frequencies. The various frequencies contained in white noise makes it the perfect sound to drown out other sounds in your surroundings. This is why the sound of your hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or running water seems to drown out all other surrounding sounds. This happens because specific sounds such as music or people’s voices are easily drowned out by the varied frequencies inside white noise. This is also why some people actually turn on a fan or radio in order to mask annoying sounds that disturb them.

Many people find white noise to be soothing, relaxing and calming, making them a very effective way to relax and also to fall asleep. Various researches have shown that white noise is a great way to get you to sleep quicker and to keep you sleeping all night long for a full night’s rest. The relaxing qualities of white noise have also made them ideal for relaxing activities like meditation and yoga. Additionally, many people who suffer from tinnitus find white noise to be the perfect way to mask the ringing in their ears.

While white noise machines were very popular in the 1990’s, the new trend is the use of nature sounds, or “natural white noise”. Recent research has shown that nature sounds may work as good as those older machines and are a much more affordable way to help you get to sleep quicker. Natural white noise from nature sounds can be played on your PC, MAC, iPad, iPod or any other MP3 player.

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