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  • Nature Sounds for Improved Memory and Concentration

    Nature Sounds for Improved Memory and Concentration

    The perfect sound can trigger memories and transport you back into the past in a gentle way. These sounds may carry you to your favorite destinations... Read More

  • Tips for Selecting the Perfect Nature Sound

    Tips for Selecting the Perfect Nature Sound

    When it comes to selecting the perfect sounds of nature, you should let your ears be the guide. The only requirement is that the sound should be a welcoming addition, not an intrusion.There are no wrong or right nature sounds so you should try to chose A warm, welcoming nature sound. You may use nature sounds to relax, nature sounds for sleep or you may use the sounds to let loose your creative side. For example, the sound of calming rivers is considered to be a perfectly relaxing way to lull your body to sleep. For some people, the calming sound of ocean waves produces a state of relaxation that is unmatched while for others it is the perfect source for inspiration.

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  • Top Ways Nature Sounds Can Help You

    Top Ways Nature Sounds Can Help You

    Nature is the ultimate sound machine. The various sounds that nature produces do more than just produce sound. The sounds of nature have a powerful effect upon people. These sounds can be used to create moods, enhance common activities, or help create meaningful scenes for reflective moments. A listen to birds chirping can encourage you to slow down, and take the time to enjoy the peacefulness that is invoked by the sound. Listening to a running river stream can bring feelings that you did not even know existed. Let the sounds of nature help you relax while sleeping, at work, studying and even during play.

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  • Relaxing with Nature Sounds

    Relaxing with Nature Sounds

    Relaxing with nature sounds is lovely, quieting and restful. Relaxing nature sounds have the special power and charm to affect your mood and rhythm, even when you are preoccupied, busy, tense or resistant to external influences. Taking the time to listen to nature in the middle of a busy day can boost your energy level for the rest of the day. Dedicating just 10 minutes a day to reflective sounds of nature can do wonders for your spirit. Doing so allows you to detach yourself from busyness, external demands and other day-to-day stresses. Nature sounds allow your mind and body to relax.

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  • Sleeping Better with Sleep Sounds

    Sleeping Better with Sleep Sounds

    Not being able to get a full night’s sleep is quite frustrating. After a long day, it’s important to be able to unwind, slip into bed and get a full night’s sleep. However, if you spend your night tossing and turning, then sleep sounds from Nature Sound Spa may be able to help. Our Sleep sounds are a natural way to help you relax and fall asleep. These nature sounds are the perfect solution for anybody looking for a natural approach to improve their sleeping habits. These natural sounds will help alleviate stress and help your body relax for a full night’s rest. Our sleep sounds present a safe, drug-free alternative to sleeping pills.

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  • Our Free Collection

    Our Free Collection

    Nature Sound Spa’s Free Collection is a collection of free nature sounds to introduce listeners to the wonderful world of nature sounds. Every nature sound belonging to this collection can be downloaded for free. Read More

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  • The Top 5 Benefits of Nature Sounds

    The Top 5 Benefits of Nature Sounds

    Regardless of your age, you can benefit from the healing power of nature sounds. Babies, infants, children, teenagers, adults and seniors all use our nature sounds MP3s for very similar purposes. The most common use of our nature sounds is for reflection, creativity, meditation or sleep. In any case Nature Sound Spa has a collection of Nature Sounds to help you take advantage of the benefits of nature sounds.

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  • Various External Resources

    Various External Resources

    The following are additional external resources that may be of use to you:

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